Nursing Pads

Sick of scratchy, itchy and expensive disposable breast pads? .... I know I was!

Being a new mum is hard enough, but then there's all the things the don't tell constant leakage!! I quickly found my skin irritated and sore using disposable pads, I thought "oh breastfeeding sux" and bought every product in the chemist to no avail. Then I read that people can have a bad reaction to the gel product inside disposable pads. That's when I made myself a collection of these washable pads and I've never looked back!
Using fun and vibrant colors and designs. Each pad consists of three layers of fabric.

On top there is a fun print made of 100% cotton flannelette to brighten your day.

In the middle there is another layer of 100% cotton flannelette to draw moisture away from your skin, leaving you dry and comfortable.

And the last layer against your clothes is fleece which naturally repels moisture insuring that your clothing stays dry and discreate. 

These breast pads are a must have for all breast feeding mamas. Stop wasting money on ineffective disposable pads. These breast pads are more effective at absorbing the moisture, they don't leak through to your clothes and most importantly they don't irritate your nipples. Safe to put in the washing machine and dryer. Should be changed regularly, personally recommend 3-4 times per day, so grab your self a few pairs. 

As this is a multiple listing, pattern placement may vary

All material is new, edges will fray slightly with many washes but does not diminish function , actually increases'll forget your wearing them!!

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